Rod Holders & Reel Storage

The perfect combination of form and function. Rupp rod holders use an exclusive forged end cap that provides unbreakable rod support while providing a completely finished look. Available in 0, 15 and 30 degree angles.  Made in the USA!

Rupp Revolvers are the combination of Rupp’s top quality rod holder with a special Compression Bearing Socket that allows rods to swivel a full 360° – keeping rod tips aimed directly into the fight and placing pressure straight into the fish. Fishing line is protected from abrasion and wear due to chafing on the sides of rod guides. Made in the USA!

Kite fishing rod holders. Rod management. Four to to choose from, available at our online store

Ideal for tower applications. Heavy-duty spun aluminum is distinctively flared and tapered. Vinyl lined and anodized in silver or gold. Made in the USA. Welding bracket "fin" not included.

These spinning rod hangers are the ideal way to store spinning tackle or other rod & reel combinations that don’t have harness lugs. Made of anodized aluminum and lined with vinyl and molded plastic. Rupp spinning reel hangers will store any rods conveniently and safely.  Available in Silver or Gold.

These stainless steel backing plates are a perfect match for Rupp rod holder installations. Securely mounts with Rupp’s regular or large rod holders.  Available in two sizes, click below for details.

Reel Hangers

Beautifully anodized aluminum reel hangers by Rupp. Available for all popular reel sizes, with spring loaded lock buttons for easy snap-in operation. Lock ring provides extra security for your rod tips.

Contact Rupp Marine or authorized dealer and provide make & size of reel as well as lug spacing for correct fit & part number.

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