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Without T-Top or Hardtop

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Considerations:  A boat without a hardtop requires an outrigger that either mounts to the gunwale or in the rod holder. The outrigger poles should be removable and easily stored to make repurposing the boat easy and quick. 

Recommendations: 15' telescoping outriggers with any of the bases listed below.

These outrigger holders are easy to use and store! Simply place them in any standard size rod holder and insert your choice of outrigger poles. Kits are available with Rupp Telescoping Outrigger Poles

he Rupp GT-500 outrigger system is easily installed in the gunwale of any boat.  Use with fixed length or telescoping pole

Rupp Stingers™ are ideal for any flat surface.  Used frequently in applications where drilling a hole through the hardtop is not feasible.


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