21'-30' Center Console

T-Top or Hardtop Mount

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Considerations:  Center console boats are often pre-rigged to easily accept Rupp outriggers.  Pre-rigging from the factory can include a mounting plate, a hole predrilled in the hardtop, or simply a designated reinforced area where the outrigger should be installed.  Rupp Top Gun bases can be installed in any of these scenarios.

Recommendations: For boats under 26' we recommend 15' telescoping or fixed length outriggers, for larger boats we would recommend 18' poles.  Any of our Top Gun bases will work, please reference diagrams of the bases to see which will fit best on your boat.

Flip…Twist..or Crank. Rupp Top Guns are the perfect outrigger for T-Tops, half-towers and hardtops. Rupp offers three patented models, all of them are easy to use, easy to service and made in the USA!

Rupp Top Gun Outrigger poles are available in telescoping and fixed designs. Hand maade in the USA!

Everything you need to fish. Save money when you order these kits that include any Rupp bolt-in Top Gun base, telescoping outrigger pole and a premium rigging kit.

Everything you need to mount and rig your Top Gun outriggers

Click below to find the most common service parts online.  If you don't see what you need please call (772) 286-5300 for assistance.

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