Easily add that extra outrigger pole with a Rupp fixed center rigger mount.  


This top quality, highly polished welded assembly is designed to look great on any boat.  Set at 21 degrees, accepts any 1.5″ diameter outrigger pole. 

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This heavy duty adjustable mount allows your center rigger pole to be set at an angle that matches the lines of your outriggers or tower. Made of polished and anodized aluminum.  Accepts 1.5″ diameter outrigger pole.

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This adjustable center rigger mount uses a 4" x 6 mounting flange which is perfect for center console boats or for tops requiring a smaller mounting footprint.  Allows your center rigger pole to be set at an angle that best works for your boat or that matches your outrigger angle.  Accepts 1.5″ diameter outrigger pole and can be used with any Rupp Topgun pole.  

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Add that extra outrigger pole by choosing a one of our high strength center rigger poles.  Made of three sections of tapering polished and anodized aluminum. Base diameter is 1.5", fits most center rigger receivers currently on the market.

Available in either anodized aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber.


Aluminum poles are available with a spreader assembly.  

Carbon fiber poles are 3K weave black with silver anodized aluminum collars.

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