Chrome and Stainless Steel Rod Holders

The perfect combination of form and function. Rupp rod holders use an exclusive forged end cap that provides unbreakable rod support wihle providing a completely finished look. Available in 0, 15 and 30 degree angles

Revolvers and Pole-Setters

A rod holder that allows rods to swivel a full 360 degrees – keeping rod tips aimed directly into the fight. Chrome over brass with forged swivel cartridge, don’t accept cheap immitations.

Rod Collectors

Kite fishing rod holders. Rod management. Four to to choose from, available at our online store.

Side Mount / Weld-On / Clamp-On

Easily installed in any cabin, cockpit or welded to any aluminum structure. Heavy-duty aluminum is lined with white vinyl.

Spinning Rod/Reel Hangers

Rupp Marine Rod Hangers, ideal for spinning rods.

Reel Hangers with Lock Ring

Rupp Marine rod and reel hangers with locking ring.

Reel Hangers with Snap Clip

Rupp Marine Rod and reel hangers with snap clip.

Rod Holder Backing Plate

These stainless steel backing plates are a perfect match for Rupp rod holder installations. Securely mounts with Rupp’s regular or large rod holders