About Us

In 1979 inventor and sport fisherman Mickey Rupp set out to build “the finest outriggers in the world”. Rupp Marine Inc. was founded a year later as demand quickly grew for his user friendly designs. The years immediately following incorporation saw a rapid expansion of Rupp’s patented product range, with Rupp quickly gaining a reputation as one of the world’s premier marine hardware manufacturers and one of the most recognizable brands in the sportfishing industry.Today, Rupp Marine continues to set marine industry benchmarks with their unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer service.Rupp products can be found as standard equipment at a majority of the world’s premier sportfishing boat manufacturers and on vessels enduring the harshest tournament fishing conditions throughout the world. Only Rupp has a full line of sportfishing outriggers and other marine hardware available for boats from 18 feet to well over 100 feet in length. With a global network of qualified dealers, Rupp customers have peace of mind knowing that spare parts are only a phone call or mouse click away.

Rupp engineering works closely with all types of boat builders and designers to assure product compatibility and best overall fit and function. By utilizing the latest computer (CAD) programs Rupp provides the boat building community access to design models, at the same time providing our customers with a 3D representation of our products installed.

More than 35 years later, the Rupp Marine mission statement remains unchanged. “To Build the Finest Sportfishing Hardware in the World”.


Why Choose Us?

Best Overall Value – Best Customer Service – Best Product.

Unlike our competition we don’t just “dabble” in the manufacture of sportfishing equipment, we have been soley focused on the design and production of outriggers and other sportfishing equipment for over 30 years. We DO NOT make tuna towers, fighting chairs, t-tops or architectural aluminum, we design and manufacture sportfishing equipment…..period. This narrow product focus allows us to offer our customers with products of the highest quality and best overall value.  Read More


Our Products

Rupp has many patents and registered trademarks pertaining to sportfishing products, and we’re nowhere close to being done. We utilize the latest in CAD and modeling software together with rapid prototyping technologies to quickly respond to changing customer demands as well as OEM model year changes.

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